I'm a tryhard dubstep producer who wants to make things scream
I mainly use FL Studio because I'm a tryhard dubstep producer who wants to make things scream

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Effective date: September 5th 2023

TL;DR. Yes, you can use my music without written permission depending on the case. Please read entirely to avoid any misunderstood.


To begin with and explained in a very simple, clear and concise way, all my music is copyrighted. In fact, all music is copyrighted by default unless specified otherwise. Copyright is very simple: the owner of the material has the right to choose who, where, how, and and when someone can use their multimedia (call it music, artwork, video, book, etc.). YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED to do anything without the owner's permission by law.

It's very straight forward, but it tends to be creatively limiting and hard to deal with management wise, so naturally my terms are more flexible than that, they can be resumed to: If there's no fat money involved just go ahead and do it.

That being said, you don't have to ask for my permission for the following cases:

  • Background music: I'm ok with that, just leave the name of the song, my artist name and my website in the video description and that's it, i don't ask anything else.

  • Rhythm Game Levels: i don't mind if you make a level in osu!, Geometry Dash, P.A. or whatever pop rhythm game you play on your free times. I find some of the works made there really fascinating, i also don't mind if you upload a video showing off your level to YouTube or any other video streaming platform.

Have to mention that most of my music has ContentID by default, this way I can claim royalties for the unauthorized reuploads but remove very easily if required, so if you need your video to be whitelisted from the royalty claim HMU at somanylynx@gmail.com.

Make sure to check the copyright section of the Newgrounds page of the track for extra exceptions!

Other rules for specific cases:

  • Live Shows/Festivals/Sets: Just take it, I don't mind honestly. I'd still appreciate if you bought the lossless file at somanylynx.bandcamp.com.

  • Label Releases (the very few times i have released in one lol): you should follow the label conditions and copyright.

  • Remixes I've made: check the terms for both ends, maybe the original author doesn't share the same terms as mine,


  • Unasked promo: It's not that hard to send me an email asking me if you can upload one of my songs for promo to your channel, doing so without further notice vulnerates my rights as an author and i won't allow that. INFRINGE MY RIGHTS AS ARTIST AND YOU'LL BE KICKED IN THE ASS

  • Bootlegs (unofficial remixes/covers): I'm more of the kind to choose who have the chance to re-imagine my artworks, but i'm still willing to let you do something if it truly contributes more to the art. Any low effort bootlegs -under my judgement- may be taken down without further notice.


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