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Due that i have been recently taking down and copystriking many YouTube videos with my music, i have decided to make a post explaining what you can and what you can't do with my music.


All my music is copyrighted.

Copyright is very simple: the owner of the material has the right to choose where, how, when and who can use their music/artworks/multimedia and so YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED to do anything without the owner's permission, therefore:

  • You should NOT reupload my music on your promo channel without my consent.
  • You should NOT use my music on a project without my consent.
  • You should NOT remix any of my tracks without my consnt.

If you break any of these points you might be claimed by copyright/copystriked with no chance to appeal depending on how severe is the infraction. INFRINGE MY RIGHTS AS ARTIST AND YOU WILL BE KICKED IN THE ASS.

I'm open to allow people do anything with my art, remixes, visuals, animations, covers, etc. but i just wanna have control over who and what is my music used for. If you wanna do ANYTHING related to my music and/or art, please contact me at my email somanylynx@gmail.com, we can discuss the details and reach an agreement.


  • Geometry Dash Levels: you don't have to ask for my permission to make levels with my music as long as it is allowed for download ingame, however, if you wanna upload the level showcase of any kind to YouTube or any streaming platform, hang me up so i can split revenue or whitelist your video from the royalty claim.

  • Remixes: due that i'm not the only one owning the copy rights of the track, you should follow the owner of the track's copyright and contact both of us for reupload approval (unless the original owner doesn't mind about reupload approval). REMIXES THAT I HAVE DONE FOR REMIX CONTEST SHOULD NOT BE REUPLOADED BY ANY REASON TO YOUTUBE UNTIL THE CONSTEST RESULTS ARE PUBLISHED.

  • Live Shows/Festivals: i don't mind if you use my music for live shows or festivals or whatever, just let me know what live show are you gonna use it, also don't abuse and use my entire discography in your live set lol. You can download an official MP3 for free here in NewGrounds but i would appreciate if you buy the lossless WAV at my bandcamp page somanylynx.bandcamp.com.

  • Label Releases: you should follow the label conditions and copyright.

Make sure to check the copyright section of the NewGrounds page of the track for extra exceptions and notes.


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